Updates, updates, updates.

We have been behind on updating the company blog, but with good reasons. The past few months have been frenetic for us at Visionz Capital, including going through an evolutionary process in terms of our business model, being involved with numerous projects in varying capacities, and at the same time producing market reports, on top of our day-to-day research and investment activities.

Key highlights from the past few months include:

1. Attending the Elastos One Year Anniversary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and publishing a couple of update reports pertaining to specific events of the project.

2. Going through a rebranding ourselves, revamping our website, and better formulating our business model not only in line with our strengths and focus but also with areas that projects are seeking our assistance in.

3. Publishing our Investment Thesis. This is a big one for us. We released our investment Thesis on the 10th Birthday of Bitcoin – 31st October, 2018 – which is a happy coincidence. The thesis details on why we believe in blockchain technology based on proper research and rational reasons. Also detailed are what sectors we focus on, how we do our research, evaluate and choose projects worthy of investment. Potential or current investors in the crypto markets, or even passive enthusiasts, should give this a read. Available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

4. Business trips and site visits. We have been travelling to China, Taiwan and most significantly, Japan, visiting blockchain projects, government agencies, conferences, exchanges and mainstream institutions. Meeting and discussing in person have enabled us to better understand each player’s perspective and initiatives, and of course build relationships.

5. To cover our Japan trip we will be releasing a couple of pieces very soon. One will be a report on crypto regulations in Japan. Another will be a blog post covering all the companies that we met during our trip.

The blockchain space and its entities move at fast speeds. And Visionz Capital has been moving at the same pace as well. Going forward the company blog will see more posts in a consistent fashion with company news and market topics that we find relevant and wish for the community to be notified of. Stay tuned for our next blog post.