Elastos | Smartweb Powered by Blockchain

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What lies ahead in the future of property rights? The future of digital assets? Of file storage? And ultimately, the World Wide Web?

In line with our vision, we have released our latest research and analysis report on Elastos — the project that could quietly take the world by storm.

How does it stand out from other projects with similar goals? We set out to analyze the market outlook, economic model, credentials of the team, and use cases for the ELA tokens in detail.

We will advance current and potential investors on a step-by-step progression and explore the possibilities of the project — methodology, overview, execution plans, technology, team, roadmap, the trump card they hold and cons, among many other things.

We have based this report on our proprietary research and analysis framework that examines seven key fundamental factors, which we believe are instrumental to make a blockchain project sustainable and successful.

Is Elastos truly an amalgamation of a trustworthy ledger, smart contracts, monetizable DApps and digital assets?