Elastos | One Year Anniversay

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This report provides an overview and analysis of the momentous One Year Anniversary Event of Elastos. The historic journey of the team, significant milestone achievements updates, key announcements and other takeaways from the event are discussed and analyzed in detail. The project has come a long way in the past one year, making incredible achievements and keeping to their roadmap schedule, establishing further trust and confidence within the community, and for the world to see.

And instead of basking in the glory of their accomplishments, they continue to focus on additional developments for the infrastructure and we expect them to be successful in their execution, judging from their past record. While the event was generally a success and a huge boost in morale for the community, we do believe there were certain shortcomings, fixing which would have been beneficial not only for the community, both online and those who attended, but also for the project itself in the eyes of mainstream institutions.

Since this report only covers the updates, please refer to our initiation report on Elastos for a complete understanding of the project and to appreciate the achievements of the team.